It is approximately defined as the ratio of the initial energy stored in the resonator to the energy lost in one radian of the cycle of oscillation. A sinusoidal voltage of peak value 10 V is applied to a series LCR circuit in which resistance capacitance and inductance have value of 10ohm, 1µF and 1H respectively .find (i)the frequency which drives the circuit at resonance (ii)quality factor of the circuit. 0 V requires a power (p) = 0. Specifically, Q = w0 / 2a. Generally speaking, for an underdamped RLC system, the quality factor (Q) provides a comparison of the resonant frequency (w0) and the rate of decay or damping factor of the oscillating states (a). Electrical resonance is said to take place in a series LCR circuit when the circuit allows maximum current for a given frequency of the source of alternating supply for which capacitive reactance becomes equal to the inductive reactance. Find the quality factor of a circuit with capacitance C = 2. Electrical Resonance in Series LCR Circuit and Quality Factor Electrical Resonance in Series LCR Circuit. Simple formulas relate the losses and bandwidth to the Q. The Q or quality factor is used with many RF tuned circuits or elements to indicate their performance in an oscillator or other form of resonant circuit. The LCR circuit analysis can be understood better in terms of phasors. Compare them and draw conclusions. When resonance occurs in a parallel RLC circuit, a local current circulates between the inductor and the capacitor. Items 5 and 6 are the same as for the series resonant circuits, but the rest are quite different. into above Eq. The sharpness of the peak is measured quantitatively and is called the Quality factor, Q of the circuit. 0 μ F and inductance L = 5. The quality factor relates the maximum or peak energy stored in the circuit (the reactance) to the energy dissipated (the resistance) during each cycle of oscillation meaning that it is a ratio of resonant frequency to bandwidth and the higher the circuit Q, the smaller the bandwidth, Q = ƒr /BW. Resonance in AC circuits implies a special frequency determined by the values of the resistance, capacitance, and inductance.For series resonance the condition of resonance is straightforward and it is characterized by minimum impedance and zero phase. The bandwidth can be calculated as BW = f res /Q 4. If the LCR series circuit is just one of the most useful circuits, here is the other one, the LCR Parallel Resonant Circuit! 1 0 m W. The damping of … (1) and deduce the quality factor of the series resonant LCR circuit for different values of resistor. An LCR circuit, also known as a resonant circuit, tuned circuit, or an RLC circuit, is an electrical circuit consisting of an inductor (L), capacitor (C) and resistor (R) connected in series or parallel. 0 m H if the maintenance of undamped oscillations in the circuit with the voltage amplitude across the capacitor being equal to V m = 1. A series resonant LCR circuit has a quality factor (Q-factor) 0.4. Make a comparison table for the estimated values of bandwidth and quality factor for different resistors. Values for quality factor are often seen quoted and can be used in defining the performance of an inductor, a capacitor or tuned circuit. In introducing the LCR Series Circuit, one of the most useful combinations of "passive components" in electronics, Module 9 set the groundwork for Module 10. Resonance. 3. Parallel resonance, which is more common in electronic practice, requires a more careful definition. In physics and engineering the quality factor or Q factor is a dimensionless parameter that describes how underdamped an oscillator or resonator is. Table 3: Comparison table The LCR Parallel Resonant Circuit. Figure 2 Principle of induction heater and induction cooker. The frequency response of the circuits current magnitude above, relates to the “sharpness” of the resonance in a series resonance circuit. If R = 2 kΩ, C= 0.1μF,then the value of inductance is asked Jan 20, 2019 in Physics by kajalk ( 77.6k points)

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