Building a long lasting deck with composite decking is a complex task. Why MoistureShield. Our decking experts here at TimberTech offer some insight into … Wood or composite decking—or something else? I'm just slightly too tall for my RS now, and I'm gonna buy another intermediate as my second stick because I'll have to cut the shit out of a senior stick and the flex is too high on those as it is. The good news is that mold and mildew wash right off of composite decking. In comparison, a pressure-treated wood deck costs $15 to $25 per square foot while a cedar wood deck starts at $30 per square foot. While actual costs will vary greatly from project to project, composite decking has shown costs of 2 to 5 times more than decks built from pressure treated wood, and nearly twice as much as a deck protected with PVC Vinyl. The Alternative to Wood: Composite Wood Decking. Manmade deck material products include composites, PVC and vinyl from manufacturers such as Trex, Fiberon, Timber Tech and Azek. Costs are highly dependent on the products selected and whether you maintain the deck yourself or hire someone to do it for you. A cedar wood deck will cost $30 or more per square foot. In this article we’ll break down the pros and cons of a concrete patio vs. a wood deck vs. a composite deck. While there are many different materials out there that you could use, the two most popular are wood and composite lumber (sometimes called synthetic decking), which is a mix of wood fiber and recycled plastic. by Richie | Boston Condo, Builder, Building Trends, Contractor, Homeowner | As the weather starts to warm up and the nor’easters call it quits, it’s time to think about spring and summer projects. Discover how our Solid Core has helped prevent structural field failures for more than 30 years and why that matters for your outdoor living space. Heat Retention. Wood decks take constant care. Compare Wood vs Composite Deck Cost Quick Summary: Composite vs Wood Deck Cost. Manufacturers use wood pieces to give the panels the appearance of natural wood. $10k Deck: Wood Vs. Composite - Choosing the materials for your deck can be tough. Simply put, our composite deck boards won’t warp, rot, or weather like wood does. If you haven't had to build or replace a deck in the past 20 years, you'll be amazed at the number of maintenance-free decking options that exist today. Both AZEK and Trex decking gets hot … hotter than wood. Wood decking is, of course, the most natural route you can take in building your new deck. On average, a pressure-treated wood deck will cost between $15 to $25 per square foot including installation. High-end composites, (again, like the ones used by NewTechWood), come fully capped, meaning that they have a protective layer around all four sides. Trex has about half the synthetic portion, which is slowly inching up in market share. Trex composite decking is more durable and longer lasting. Higher cost: Composite wood is typically more expensive as an initial cost. Vinyl decking cannot be made into deck boards. Composite Wood Decking and Other Wood Deck Alternatives. This added layer of protection makes composite decks and fences UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and aging-resistant. Standard wood decks and composite decks have a similar impact on the environment. Wood is the original and most common choice for decking. Like any major home purchase, decking materials vary in looks, durability, and cost. Apr 11, 2019 - Composite decking has come a long way and wood has changed. When you’re in the planning stages of building your dream deck, the first big decision you need to make is what’s the best decking material for you. Wood vs. Composite Decks. Becomes a safety hazard when it rots, splits and splinters. Hi! Composite decks are made up of two main substances: resin and wood. We’ll explain the significant differences between natural wood vs. composite lumber for your new deck. And different types of decking boards can require very different levels of maintenance. Treated lumber resists rotting and decay nearly as much as composite, although the appearance of this product deteriorates quickly. Wood vs Composite: The Pros & Cons. Join the discussion! The resin holds the wood pieces together and protects the material from weather damage. We're buying a house with a traditional wood deck that has been well maintained, but it's also well into its lifetime (maybe 25 years) and will have to be replaced in a few years. Composite decking is a combination of sawdust and some kind of plastic. Categories Backyard Improvement (4) Basement Remodeling (6) Cleaning Tips (4) Decking (4) Energy Savings (10) Green Living (12) Hard Landscaping (6) Home Cleaning Tips (4) Home Decorating (7) Home Improvement Tips (36) Home Maintenance (15) Home Renovation (24) Home Security (3) Outdoor Entertaining (2) Outdoor Living (12) Patio Design (4) … 4. The majority of decks built today are made of wood. When you look at all Trex has to offer, wood decking begins to feel like signing up for a second job. They can get really hot really fast when exposed to direct sunlight. Mar 25, 2018 - Composite decking has come a long way and wood has changed. MYTH: A wood deck will last longer than a composite deck. MoistureShield® offers the only wood composite decking that can be installed in the ground, on the ground or underwater. The hassles that come with wood. Sure, some wood decks will fare better than others, but they’re no match for the strength and durability of composite decking. The Long-Term Cost Savings of Composite Decking vs Wood. Composite timber is one of the most durable decking products on the market. In this article, we'll take a look at what a $10,000 deck would look like in both pressure-treated lumber and composite … Building a long lasting deck with composite decking is a complex task. Made up of 95% recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic, the composite material has unique characteristics. There are plenty of alternatives to wood, when it comes to building your deck. Wood vs. Composite Decking: 3 Factors to Guide Your Decision. Of course, darker colours attract more sunlight compared to lighter ones. Rather, vinyl decking is a roll-out material that can be used as a protective membrane when waterproofing a deck. The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Concrete Patio Stamped and Stained Concrete Flagstone Look. Wood composite fencing and wood fencing differ from one another in several ways. Start your research by becoming familiar with types of authentic and synthetic decking. However, if you examine the lifetime cost of wood vs. composite, you may find the costs to be comparable or for composite to be even lower in cost than wood. Cons. Redwood, Pressure-Treated Lumber and Cedar Needs seasonal painting, staining or sealing. Composite Decking. Composite deck colours are permanent. Less opportunity for damage to your deck means more opportunities for you to enjoy it. Composite fences are made of a mixture of plastic and real wood to create an eco-friendly alternative to standard fencing. Composite Decking is a man made, eco-friendly timber/plastic product. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make after deciding to build a new deck is what material to use. While the cost of material contributes to this difference, a lot of the extra cost is attributed to labor. As wood can rot, harbor mold and mildew and therefore need more maintenance and repair as the years roll by, maybe this makes it not the ideal choice of deck material for you. Whilst composites share a lot of similar characteristics with timber, they differ in many ways. The main reason people choose wood is for the initial cost savings. Composite … Unlike with wood decks, you don’t need to coat either AZEK or Trex with a water-repellent preservative. Composite decking may have grown in popularity over the past decade, but it’s still considered a specialty product by many retailers. Longevity. We looked at composite lumber for building a window box in our current house, but the price was such that we could build 3 window boxes out of traditional lumber for the cost of one composite box. A composite deck will cost $30 to $45 per square foot installed. There are a few different types, including: Wood Composite: About 50/50 plastic and wood flour. There’s only one problem: it isn’t built yet.

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