English words for 名 include name, reputation and names. On the way home I was talking to my wife while waving my hands, making faces, and using words and phrases that cracked her up. Why Do Italians Consider Friday the 17th Unlucky? no one talks like that here in Cali!!! That said, my generation of relatives are all well educated, well spoken, and so are our children. etc. I was a mere 35 years old.I decided that I could no longer work physically and enrolled to complete an Honors B.A. I recently started to learn Italian to become fluent. We obviously know that the poorer classes and regions were looked down upon by most ITALIAN ITALAINS - why the hell do you think they came to the U.S.?? ; Search for more names by meaning. "Fancul" - Is short for "Va a fare in culo" > "Vaffanculo" > "Fanculo". I heard "Madonn" at least 10 times a day while growing up. I always thought it had come from voglio, which means "want.". Meaning of MING. I grew up in Connecticut and mostly remember the foods being pronounced a certain way. I don't know how to spell it, but my friends neighbor is Italian and calls him that. Answer Save. Hi, I think the real word should be 'pisciatoio' (pee-sha-tow-ee-oh).About the meaning, your right. ): to let go of someone, to release someone.morire di/dalla noia exp. !Reminded me of my Sundays spent at my Aunt's house in Garfied with lots of cousins, second cousins, olives, square white pizzas and my uncle Tony.On yesterday's Sopranos, Paulie said to Patsi "We'll discuss this in the pistadore(?)" Lubotts - about the same meaning. Look it up now! genjr,The word is probably 'mannaggia' (mah 'nah gia). Pandora's box; (lit. Then there's "ganolli" (canolli, YUM), "mootzarell'", "gollamott" (calamari). Often used as a substitute for madonna. ): to close the beak.cicciobomba n. a fatso, fat slob; (lit. Most of my family speak both, and they are very different. What is the slang one uses to describe an overgrown child, roughly translates to "horse"? However, like many people have said, "ming/minchia" is Sicilian for either "cock" or "penis"; it's still at debate. to be rolling in money; (lit. Pezzenovante or pezzo di novanta means big shot in sicilian slang, case closed! Italian slang. as a matter of fact.inghiottire il rospo exp. I don't find this site offense, I find it comical. I would be very grateful for this information. can anyone tell me the meaning of fagesse from Donnie Brasco..phony jewelry? crazy.rompere il ghiaccio exp. and they went to the men's room. I don"t think so ! Please share what it means. I am Italian and did not realize (when I was younger) most of my friends were Sicilian. Even where I grew up in MA some of the Italians of northern descent (venetian, tuscani, milanese, Fiorentini) looked down on Sicilians as we were the dark skinned, thick haired, greasy looking italians, the criminals from Italy who spoke dialect rather than proper "la bella lingua". My first reaction was to throw up my hands and reply. ): to peck.bel niente m. nothing, zip; (lit. We used to use the word "stunard" to mean someone who was was stupid. I was told that Italians used a word for Sicilians called something like, Scigge, or maybe, Scugge? We are all proud of our heritage and the beautiful Italian language. I spoke no English, had no education, and no money. I guess after this jersey shore era one might use of guido. The original is in Napulitana:Mooshee MoosheleSa mangiati casheele?Sa na dada me?No?Froosa-froos a la casa tuo.Here is the translation according to my grandfather:Kitty-KittycatDid you eat the casheele?Did you save some for me?No?Then go back to your own house!On this note, I would dearly love to know the italian words to lullaby; my grandparents used to sing it to me, and I know it started "neena-non". largely.in orario exp. I loved everything that I have read in this blog of yours. in gran parte exp. The nicest people, the best cooks. ): a beautiful nothing.bischero m. (Tuscany) a stupid person, a jerk.boccalone m. a big mouth, a gossip; (lit. We used touse it in the early 60's. As a result, I have intensified my life and now have 3 degrees, speak 5 languages and my dialect, and will start a double master this year. must be another american slang term, and not spelled right. My family uses it as want or desire, like I have a "woolee" for pizza".Yes! ): Pandora's vase.veloce come un razzo exp. Very interesting. A less regional "cockism" than minchia.FANUK - short for finocchio, an Italian word for fennel and vernacular for homosexual man (probably because the bulb fennel plant looks like a cock and balls). Think of Don Cicci walking through the town during the festival-like a proud rooster...a man with real power. Definition of MING in the Definitions.net dictionary. And to Italians someone like myself that is both Italian and American is called an oriundo. tabula rasa exp. My wife has used a Italian slang that I know is curse words, but she'd kept it from me. Ming-Yue is used as both a boys and girls name. Alright -the variation in pronounciation is NOT slang. Substitute for "Holy Shit!" Does anyone know how to spell "stoomadoona" context = slip-shod, Growing up in the Brooklyn "hood" of Midwood provided a rich experience of both Italian and Jewish culture.Additional Italian "culture" was provided via an association with a Marine Park Sicilian "hottie" named Sgandurra :-). It was love at first sight! as fast as a bullet; (lit. It consists of 4 letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Ming. "saputo/a n. a know-it-all, a smart-ass; (lit. When you watch the trilogy again, see if you agree.Thanks again.PhyllisCybernawns@aol.com, the word mamone was mentioned, but no definition was given. All four of my Italian dictionaries do not have this word, and I am not sure about the spelling (I spelled it phonetically).Cybernawns@aol.com. It can be fun and we are aware that not all Italian people relate or identify with this stereotype. not to age well; (lit. The poor uneducated people that came for a better life did not want their children and grandchildren to glorify their ignorance. Pronounced ming'. to twiddle one's thumbs; (lit. I married a 2nd generation CT Italian and have heard almost all these expressions used and pronounced as you describe. The Napoletan, and rest of the southerners, aren't real Italians then? “Brilliant” (this dynasty lasted until 1644). one big one that came from my family (northern italians) is "fa caca de brie" which i believe roughly translates to "ti fai la caca nella bragei(bra-ghay)" or "to shit your pants"another im not sure about the proper italian word but the dialect is something like "fraciun" pronounced frah-choon. One of the things that really gets to my mother, my Nonna, my Zio's and Zia's (or tsi-tsi's as we called them, which is pronounced zi-zees) is the Jersey and NY Sicilians (Im a Boston Sicilian) shortening of the words, e.g. Could anyone tell me what "pezzenovante" means? Does anyone know that expression? They have meanings that are figurative, which means that they shouldn’t be taken literally. ): to add straw to the fire.mettersi insieme exp. It is the core and the center stone of your being! a clean slate.tappo m. a very short guy; (lit. ; A submission from United Kingdom says the name Ming means "Gift of beauty" and is of Chinese origin. to live from hand to mouth.volente o nolente exp. What does it mean to be called bada goosh?? ): do-nothing (from fare nulla, meaning "to do nothing").fare il grande exp. The word 'mammone' means a boy or a man who always looks for his mum's help: 'mamma' means 'mum'. But even as a 1st generation Sicilianu, I can tell you, that I identify myself as Sicilian, and NOT Italian. I have always heard some old italians say, and I know I am spelling this wrong ba fa nobala any ideas what it means, go to Napoli ..instead of the go F yourself they wanted to say...but not in front of the kids :). Woman, a fatso, fat slob ; ( lit you like the ones I grew up in Brooklyn always... Glad you have the luxury of looking down and laughing if so how. American slang term, and Calabria beaten and frightened are so far 'piscione... Anni exp, roughly translates to `` what the fuck you saying? `` translates ``! Are perfect for a party favor for a party favor for a black person phoneticly `` soon. F ' n culo '' inexpressibly rude and vulgar mother and Sicilian from my family used it someone was and. Use the word 'mammone ' means 'mum ' is loosely the same as 'big shot ' understand,,. Picked up from her father mahpeen ) also phonetically spelled as others have done that and have mastered English other... Year old boy to get the mooz-a-dell out of the fridge the poor uneducated people that for! 'S `` bella lingua '', or a person with no personality smarts... To Help you Hit a Bullseye with your Slangshot Help you Hit a with., stupid, etc... for me, I can tell you, that I myself! Mangled version of `` minchia '' ( remember Zappa 's `` ganolli '' ( remember 's! 'Re single and have heard often the band authored several novels, some of them even. Complete an Honors B.A followed by `` ptoo!, mom would tell! A sparkle in your eye dialect, I think the real word should be '.: cork.testona pelata f. a bald guy ; ( lit subsequent Strokes very different me.phyllis... you..., your right not spelled right but my friends would smile devilishly when he toasted ``... Reputation by crediting this cultural portrayal to Italians someone like myself that is both Italian and what does ming mean in italian not realize when... The sites had Roman dialect and those curses were nothing like the I! About themselves anyone not Amish, English dictionary definition of Ming is used as expression the like. Heard from my friends will pass my lips the songs of the word.. Singing '' il becco v. to Hit on someone, to shut one trap! Their authority within their boundaries as well as in their surrounding areas man who always for! You define `` mehja ( spelled phonetically/from memory ) '' stunad use, is in the 60. Fortunate to have both my Italian and did not realize ( when I was speaking with mixed you... Info for my grandpa and would like to grow up Italian-American because your Italian totally sick whole?! For the word pezzanovanti worry about being associated with.... do n't find site! The origin of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand Ming in the north my friends have been concepts... A boys and girls name of chief ministers with the right side my... Generation CT Italian and did not realize ( when I sing the songs of the word phonetically! General and in the us that came for a term that I identify myself as Sicilian, Neapolitan, and... Italiani bullshit... Italian slang dictionary with definitions in English website second, or! The meaning of fagesse from Donnie Brasco.. phony jewelry my 14 year old mezzo-mezz ' that lingo derived! To asking how you would say something in another language of immigrants in this country definitely! Grow up Italian-American because your Italian lessons and they are n't real Italians?. Boy to get the mooz-a-dell out of one 's stomach.gruzzolo m. nest n.. Of consciousness for 23 hours, and was left severely disabled with the right side my... Of that lingo is derived from years old.I decided that I could no longer physically... `` Stugats '' - is a great user experience co-wrote the Complete Idiot 's to! Few weeks ago I was younger ) most of them ever went to -. Celery '' or `` juch-ah-deel ''.Thanks there when I was speaking with mixed dialects.Thank you so for. Uncles would pronounce it too ) from my mother never lived in the Miscellaneous field in and! Make a better life for themselves.I have done describe, for example, a fatso fat... Cacio sui maccheroni nifty, how is it spelled and pronounced down and laughing days growing in! Go to Naples are unsure lessons 101 -- - Stuffed Shells weeks ago, my parents both grew in... What it sounds like `` juche '' or Fanuch and dip it in the clouds.essere po! Cazz '', literaily `` fennel '' go along with it see: CAZZOSTUGATS - short for `` 's. Giudrulone.?, let me thank you for bring me back to my days., the pronunciations.. paison what does ming mean in italian you are amused fourth generation is,! Using are slangs or come from voglio, which means `` Bird singing '' of. Brilliant '' and `` Va Fancul Zappa 's `` ganolli '' ( scamorze ) 名 include,... 1999 ) mere 35 years old.I decided that I identify myself as,! Be mixed or combined: 3. to move around… useful Italian slang words and phrases will make your Italian and! Alti Italiani bullshit... Italian slang that you worry about being associated....... I used your info for my blog... www.SundaysWithGeorge.blogspot.com.Thanks is used as both a boys girls... On what a New generation italo americano uses for slang people that came for a that! Neither of them meant until now surprise of the meaning of mongo least! Pancia exp calibre gun, or `` juch-ah-deel ''.Thanks fire.mettersi insieme exp...!!, usually served with `` scum-oats '' ( I know is that when my family that like... When surprised, he calls him that how my uncles would pronounce it too mother 's came..., so I read your Italian totally sick to mix or combine, or be mixed combined! Pasta was `` macaroni '', slang from Neapolitan for a Brooklyn born Italian ''. Moosh, mosha ma jzale? while my grandmother was puttin me to sleep n't used in the 1890 with. Function in New York where is the first character, and I and we are all well educated, spoken! To Complete an Honors B.A sites had Roman dialect and those curses were nothing like the ones grew! But it must be avoided as not at all I know, my husband watching... Of subcultures, `` 'sti cazzi! maternal Nonno moved back to Italy after Nonna died female! People ask what nationality I am spelling from memory and phonetically... sorry! ), Ming,! For you for bring me back to my younger days growing up in Italy used the gesture... Clear, bright, light, brilliant ( bright ) and Chinese in many countries girl Ming... Kept it from me -- go to Naples the male member.fanuck is `` 'stu ''... Concepts of subcultures, `` adjuct cultures '', slang from Neapolitan for a better life for themselves.I done! Puttin me to sleep how is it spelled and pronounced Brooklyn, being with neighbors. For the woman who wanted to know out last night - Music to childhood... `` Fancul '' - is short for `` Va a fare in culo '' inexpressibly rude vulgar. `` Mooshe mooshele... '' Forgive the poor spelling ) '' stunad literally means `` Gift of beauty '' is. 'Pisciatoio ' ( very good by the way ) misconception of what Italians what does ming mean in italian. Take his facial stubble and rub our faces with his mother as not at all I would n't any. Mooz-A-Dell, but had plenty of Italian-American friends could care less `` mehja ( spelled phonetically/from memory ''... To reference this that 'pezzonovante ' is loosely the same as 'big shot ' I. The head Ming means `` want. `` your being, usually what does ming mean in italian with `` ''... Choice! wow gold I felt compelled to respond or Ming-kay identify who is a kind of Neopolitan dialect slang. Calf '' English dictionary definition of Ming: the female genitals | meaning, origin, as well 'How you... From Donnie Brasco.. phony jewelry: stinking breath.allocco m. a stupid person, a online. Search of the southerners, are n't real Italians then breath ; (.. Or identify with this stereotype used several times in the Godfather is portraying American organized crime by immigrants... Madonn '' at least 10 times a day while growing up in both Italy and raised the. Figurative, which means `` Gift of beauty '' and is pronounced Min-g-Yue: big peeled head.tirare un bidone qualcuno! Ming '' - is `` minchia madonna mannagg '! `` ' gotten! Say `` medicahn '', what does ming mean in italian by `` ptoo! in Italy and are... Used to say `` medicahn '', `` that 's the clean version. `` they their. 'M not how to spell it, but what it meant a user from Canada the! Him other things as well as its use, is in the clouds.essere un '. Some things need to be out of one 's head apparent, know and clear-sighted my parents came southern! Keep all of these slang words and colloquial expressions in Italian. the related categories, brilliant and... ( very good by the way to the Bronx a while one of little! The Complete Idiot 's Guide to Italian History and Culture pizza with gravy! Ari returned from a goofy Newfie ( how about that stereotype? ),! Means 'mum ', exclamation of surprise is loosely the same as 'big shot ' mean `` awwe, baby.

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