} } border: none; margin: 2% 1%; Forgot account? Beacon High School is a public high school of the Beacon City School District located in Beacon, NY. To attend a Finance Committee meeting via Zoom please contact Aaron at aprice@nullbeaconacademy.com. January 21st February 22nd August 20th Finance Committee Meeting Dates: margin-left: 0; } October 22nd I am a 3rd grade teacher at Beacon Academy. The Finance Committee works closely with the Business Manager, the Board Treasurer, and the Principal to ensure financial accountability and stability for Beacon Academy. Terms are three years with the exception of the community member which has a two-year term. Beacon Academy requires uniforms for all students in grades K-8. margin-left: 0; Launch the app and click "Join a Meeting" button on the home page. #mla_gallery-7 .gallery-item { margin: auto; #mla_gallery-3 .gallery-item .gallery-icon img { Our children have been inspired, challenged and encouraged by the teachers and staff at Beacon and I am excited for the opportunity to serve the community that has given us so much. I have been involved in many committees at Beacon, such as Leadership, Curriculum, Literacy, and Governance. } margin: 0; float: left; July 23rd #mla_gallery-3 .gallery-icon { Board members may run for one additional term. width: 66%; margin: 0; I am a 5th grade teacher at Beacon Academy. I feel very privileged to serve the Beacon Academy community in this way. width: 33%; float: left; float: left; The Governance Committee reviews and creates the policies for Beacon Academy. Email office.school@sacredheart.leics.sch.uk margin-left: 0; #mla_gallery-10 .gallery-caption { Preschool in Loughborough. I enjoyed my experience so much that I decided to join the great staff as a permanent member. You can also see how the primary school … font-size: 12px; vertical-align: top; width: 33%; #mla_gallery-4 .gallery-item { margin-left: 0; August 31st November 19th } Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy, Beacon Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2BG. }, #mla_gallery-2 { We stayed through 2 moves and 3 suburbs because of the amazing community we found here. Welcome to Beacon Academy. #mla_gallery-10 .gallery-item .gallery-icon img { }, #mla_gallery-9 { border: none; Girls in Years 9, 10 and 11 are being offered a wonderful opportunity to sign up to Loughborough University’s online virtual … font-size: 12px; #mla_gallery-10 .gallery-item { I am currently perusing a reading licensure with a masters in literacy. No pre-registration required. }, #mla_gallery-3 { box-sizing: border-box; jsears@nullbeaconacademy.com. I began teaching here in the 2017-18 school year and am proud and passionate about our Beacon community. Friends of Beacon (FOB) is a building corporation, formed as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization on behalf of Beacon Academy. } width: 33%; float: left; width: 18%; width: 33%; float: left; #mla_gallery-2 .gallery-item .gallery-icon img { } } line-height: 14px; I have also served on the board, Friends of Beacon, which oversees the property ownership of our Crystal location. border: none; box-sizing: border-box; width: 18%; } If a member of the public would like to make a comment during the public comment portion of either meeting, they have two choices: (1) Join the teleconference with video, send a chat message to the meeting host, and make a statement via video. Curriculum Committee Prior I was a substitute for a few different school until being a long term substitute for Beacon. Therefore, in accordance with MN Statute 13D.021, our May meetings will be conducted by telephone conference. width: 33%; Beacon Academy is located in Loughborough and falls under the local authority of Leicestershire.This mixed-sex primary school has 318 pupils, with a capacity of 380, aged from four up to eleven, and the type of establishment is academy … 1995 - 1998. Uniforms help focus student attention on school work rather than attire and help to build a sense of community within the school. Meetings take place when school is in session. #mla_gallery-5 .gallery-item { width: 18%; }, #mla_gallery-8 { float: left; Staff and families are working enthusiastically with the new leadership, as it has vision, integrity and rigour. #mla_gallery-9 .gallery-icon { April 22nd #mla_gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; The Executive Committee oversees the Principal position and is comprised of the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Original MN charter school law calls for a teacher majority on the board of directors and Beacon still follows this framework. When not at school, I enjoy working on remodeling my house, traveling when able, cooking and baking. FOB meets as needed. £9.50. vertical-align: top; } margin: 2% 1%; The committees are made up of board members, staff members, and parents, and all meetings are open to the public. The Board Chair has determined that in-person meetings are not prudent, due to the ongoing COVID-19 health pandemic and the Executive Orders of the Governor to shelter in place.

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