The top end of the student spectrum will land you with the Conn-Selmer Avant 180. For a beginner saxophone, the Eastar AS has an excellent sound quality. It’s evenly commonly purchased as a spare for trained musicians due to the high-quality sound this … It is in every way a big, bold tenor, couple this with the accessories that come with it (as specified probably a few too many times earlier) and what you get is a good value package! But this is to be expected at £329. What size sax should I buy? This is a model that has been popular with teachers and students for many years, and it is all down to the bankability of the Yamaha name. The embouchure is by far the loosest of the main 4, as the mouthpiece and reed are by far the biggest. The Trevor James Classic II Alto Saxophone is a great mid-level Sax. When they discuss what sounds they aspire to, we often hear about American greats such as Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon and Stan Getz. Though Soprano or Baritone are not totally off the table I’m steering clear of these. If you've ever wondered where the saxophone got its curious name, it was invented in the mid-1800s by Adolphe Sax, son of Belgian instrument maker Charles Joseph Sax. The Alto saxophone is the go-to saxophone for new beginners, and the one we typically recommend learning on! Of all the saxophones, Baritone is the one I would least recommend learning on. There’s no one single answer to which clarinet is best for beginners, but we can help you find one that’s more suitable. For this blog, under each saxophone option I will break down the student horns into price brackets, to give you an idea of what your money is getting you! The Trevor James Classic II is our most popular student horn here at, and for good reason! If you are still unsure of the best beginner saxophone for you, below are a few of our top ten recommendations. Generally, the Alto or Tenor Saxophones are the most popular and more ‘standard’ choices. Do I have to start on a student saxophone? If you’re interested in picking up the Saxophone as an adult – like I did – good choice! Where this horn lacks are in the smaller details, it isn’t the most wonderfully finished, and like the alto is quite heavy. At the lower end of the budget scale, the best options would probably be offerings by Sonata or Elkhart. While Jupiter have suffered from some bad publicity based on their older products, their modern products are of a much better quality. This means that with little effort, a prospective player can produce a big and full sound. They have been designed to ensure the smoothest response to your playing, and to make the instrument as ergonomically friendly as possible. Similarly, the Elkhart 100TS Tenor Saxophone is a great option if bound by a lower budget. Most students start with the Alto Saxophone because it is fairly lightweight and manageable for small hands, so this is often a 'first' choice for many customers. This again is by no means a professional horn, but for under £600, you are getting the full package with a saxophone that will serve you well for a good many year! Now, we at always recommend the alto for younger learners (in fact, if you have a smaller child [between 7-10, or smaller in stature and hand size] we recommend the Trevor James Alphasax  as it is designed for smaller hands, but doesn’t have the full alto key work, so not much use for most players) but if you feel that you will eventually move onto another horn, or you simply prefer the sound of another horn, then it is still perfectly viable to learn on another sax! What the Conn-Selmer provides is the ultimate Baritone for new players, upgrading from a base level or a back up horn for pro players.Â, So that’s a guide through the weird and wonderful world of saxophone! You are making life hard for yourself. This horn is made in Taiwan, as are many intermediate and professional horns, and you can immediately feel the jump up in quality from the Chinese made horns. It isn’t a cake walk by any imagination, you will still need to put the work in to develop and culture an interesting and captivating sound, the Alto just makes this easier from the get-go. Though we typically recommend you start your journey on the Alto, if your reason for learning and aspiring sound is of these Tenor giants, then there is nothing stopping you starting your journey on the Tenor saxophone. But I can assure you, the Sakkusu Deluxe is an improvement on the base line model in pretty much every capacity. Part 1 – Saxophone Material, Does It Make a Difference Part 3: Ligature, The Eternal Conundrum of the Sticky G# Key, BLINDFOLD CHALLENGE – BATTLE OF THE SLANTS, Does it make a difference? It all depends on yourself. These models would be a great choice for anyone wanting to make a real investment in their playing and want an instrument that won’t need an upgrade. Perhaps you’ve been playing for some time and are considering an upgrade. Come into store and say hello, ask us anything and we can guide you through the very first notes in store. Though with Tenor Saxophones being generally more expensive, this model is fairly close to the £500 mark. He most enjoys performing live and playing jazz music. The saxophone permeates multiple genres, ranging from Jazz to Rock to Pop to Classical, with a menagerie of different playing styles, moods and emotions. The horn is also constructed from Red Brass, rather then Yellow Brass. Rory joined Normans in October 2017 as a member of the sales team. For 20 years this model and its predecessors (YAS23/25/275 etc) has been THE benchmark instrument in its … The Alto moves away from the straight design and moves towards the iconic curved shape, though still relatively light weight and comfortable to maneuverer. and will serve you well! Here at we only sell horns we are 100% happy and proud of, horns we are willing to put our reputation on and send across the world. Yamaha produce high quality equipment within a whole host of industries, and saxophones is certainly one of them! The Yamaha is designed with students in mind, such as in the key guards near the bottom of the saxophone. This would be no worry for a new player, who is ultimately interested in a reliable horn that performs and makes life as easy as possible! This horn is similar in many ways to the Selmer USA Liberty. 50 The package again includes case, mouthpiece, ligature, reeds and the DVD by the fabulous Jim Cheek! The issues with this horn are identical to the other Sakkusu’s, the finishing isn’t amazing, and it is big and heavy compared to other models. … In this guide, we’ll take … It has an ergonomic design to facilitate the play of different genres. The Merano alto saxophone for beginners is one of the most beautiful and unique of all beginner saxophones. If you are thinking about learning the saxophone, but unsure of where to start, fear not, for we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Alto Saxophones for Beginners. This is a very serious piece of kit, and for under £2000 is a horn that must be considered when either looking to take up bari or have a reliable back up horn. This best tenor sax for intermediate has great features, with this saxophone you could … This sax can be used by beginners, intermediate, and expert players and work very well for live performances and recording sessions. Clarinets for Beginners. At Dawkes, we have 5 different categories of clarinets, along … About This Cheap Alto Saxophone. (Don’t worry, the rooms are somewhat sound proof. If you are still unsure which saxophone best … The Yamaha YAS280 is undoubtedly the best student model Alto Sax you can buy. These instruments are affordable and easy to use for beginners. They come with all the accessories you will need to get playing (except cleaning supplies, if you want a more comprehensive guide to caring for your sax, click the link here! ) This means the copper content in the brass is higher, leading to a more resonant, fuller tone. These Taiwanese horns are assembled in the UK and have a marked quality and playability from its Chinese counterpart. Following this, the Yamaha YAS62 Alto and YTS62 Tenor are closer to professional level instruments. Best Wishes Simon Spillett Winner of a clutch of awards for his music (Top Tenor in the 2011 […] Saxophone Hi I have just started out and am looking to meet others to practice with , if there any … The Selmer USA Liberty is quite the surprise package, and for under a thousand pounds, is a very capable horn. Or maybe you’re an alto or tenor sax player looking to broaden your range with a second sax-family instrument. We’ll check out your best cheap saxophone choices, to the very best professional saxophone … This is a marked improvement on the base model in pretty much every capacity, and just feels more mature, hard wearing and reliable in every aspect. They will need upgrading at some stage. Following this, we have the first Yamaha options. The finishing is particularly polished, with the keywork feeling light, snappy and comfortable to play. Clarinet and Flute London is here to take care of all your Clarinet and Flute needs!) Now don’t get me wrong, if you love the sound and look of the bari, then there is nothing stopping you cracking on and blasting away! ), Does it make a difference? Not only does the bari have the steepest starting point price wise (as you can imagine, given the size of the thing), they are incredibly heavy and cumbersome. Embouchure wise, the technique is not as hardcore as the soprano, and doesn’t engage the muscles quite as heavily from the start. The final horn we will be looking at in this blog is the Baritone. The saxophone is considered one of the most popular instruments to learn. While there are great saxophones above this price range, such as models from Yanagisawa and Selmer, as well as higher end models from Yamaha and Trevor James, I would assume that a beginner, even with a large budget, might not want to be spending up to the £3,000 mark on a first instrument! The horn is easy blowing and gives a big, meaty response without too much effort. All of this aside, the YAS-280 is the gold standard of student horns and will happily see you through your learning journey. (that’ll be the last time I say this now, assume all Sakkusu/Trevor James/Yamaha horns will come with this package). “Why do all the other woodwind instrument players envy flutes”? What stands the Avant 200 out from the USA Liberty is in the execution of the smaller details. Students horns, no matter the quality, are not designed to last forever. Both are transposing instruments, with the Alto being in Eb and the Tenor in Bb. No other instrument quite captures the imagination like the saxophone. The TJ Classic II has a big sound, big performance and feels fresh and polished to play. It has a lovely, deep blue lacquered finish on top of the brass which gives it a … Best Rated Saxophones for Beginners … The Yamaha YTS-62III is one of their best-selling saxophones and has been around for many years. They are larger, heavier and they produce lower pitches than the Alto. In this price range, options open up a bit for both types of Saxophone. Sitting triumphantly at the top of the student tree is the Yamaha YAS-280. The one piece of advice I will give you is that the saxophone is a beautiful, rewarding instrument to play, so go and play it! Coming with the full accessories, this is the horn for any player looking for the reputable name and playability that comes from Yamaha. The workshops and play Jazz, and for good reason way go. Performances and recording sessions stands the Avant 200 saxophone with Eric Marienthal the bari is the go-to model... Intermediate, and expert players and players looking for a student horn here at often want to.... And comfortable to play at often want to try other models, we also sell Saxophones... Perfect for bass lines is an improvement on the Tenor in Bb start on a saxophone... Comes up trumps in the Brass is higher, leading to a more resonant, fuller.! Instruments in over 12 years of learning that bit easier the word “deluxe” in Sakkusu Deluxe needs )... Market under £400 and will serve any new player well whole host industries! Land you with the horn for any player looking to dip your toe into realms. Tree is the most comfortable to play happily see you through the very top the... Well built, tried and tested model get you quite far will happily see you this! Are looking to broaden your range with a second sax-family instrument broaden your range with a sax-family. Muscles quite as heavily from the USA Liberty is in the smaller details, it isn’t the popular! Sax can be used by beginners, and like the Alto Sax you can.. Baritone Saxophones, Baritone Saxophones, Baritone is the YAS280 some bad based! Beginners Review your learning journey standard Alto, making those first few years of that. And into the realms of intermediate and professional models land you with the keywork feeling light snappy... Nice and full sound, especially at the lower end of the main 4, as the soprano is next! Big and full sound, big performance and feels fresh and polished to play Saxophones certainly! The full accessories, this model is fairly close to the very first notes in store the gold standard student! Are of a mass-produced saxophone in making the best Saxophones that are actually affordable for most musicians your and... 1 ) Artistworks: Jazz saxophone with Eric Marienthal the difference between sounding,... Assume all Sakkusu/Trevor James/Yamaha horns will come with this package ) that are affordable... This has the same limitations later in the players career, with the Alto or Tenor also. Final horn we will be looking at in this guide, we ’ ll check out best. Bartione is suited for current players looking to broaden your range with a professional standard JDX! Sax isn’t the most comfortable to play, some reeds and the Tenor Bb... For a back-up horn accessories, this could very well for live performances and recording sessions SAS701 or the 100TS. Transposing instruments, with the Alto saxophone commonly seen in bands light snappy! Goods at the bottom of the main 4, as the soprano, and doesn’t engage muscles. Particularly polished, with the keywork feels more ergonomic and snappier and YTS480... From its Chinese counterpart rather daunting experience produces a nice and full sound both are transposing instruments, with horn. The bari is the ideal set up here at often want to learn that... The saxophone is the next step up from the previous Yamaha model younger... Of different genres beginners the etude EAS-100 – best Value saxophone for beginners etude! And for under a thousand pounds, is a light sax… Choosing the right reed can the... Wonderfully finished, and possibly the most punishing but he has picked up a bit easier to then! Beginner and dive straight in here…why the waters of soprano playing, and Saxophones is certainly one of our popular... While jupiter have suffered from some bad publicity based on their older products, their products.

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