The comprehension questions that follow give second and third graders practice with answering text dependent questions, text structures questions, and color coding text evidence. I cannot wait to revamp my CAW with your CAW unit ~ so exciting! Share this lesson plan It’s time to take a trip around the world and experience Christmas in different countries. Students can learn how each country celebrates their holiday, what they call it, their particular Santa, and traditions through an interactive table or chart. Hi Morgan, Are you wondering how you’re ever going to find time during the crazy month of December to plan lessons about 5 different winter holidays? Here are some easy and engaging activities that can help you teach your students about holidays around the world. 4th grade . Make a suitcase folder for each student to collect their “learning souvenirs” as they travel. After reading the text to them,  we dive into the information about Diwali. Each teacher can pick a country and have your classes rotate to a new classroom and country each day. My class really enjoys learning about new holidays and how they are celebrated around the world. Reading & Writing. Guest. In this pack, students become familiar with five Winter Holidays by reading the student texts (which are included) for each holiday. Even if you only make a few small changes, they notice! Play a video of planes taking off and landing, complete with sound effects, in the background as you break the news that they’ll soon be traveling around the world! Compare and contrast U.S. national holidays with national holidays in other countries Help kids journey around the world with these Christmas Around the World Worksheets and Christmas Around the World activities for kids of all ages! It is a wonderful experience for everyone.). Read all about the updated version here.*. Use this free flight script to really take it over the top! Students will become experts on Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Las Posadas after studying each holiday. Worksheet Thanksgiving Word Search. Creative Lesson Planning - Christmas Around the World Part II Grades 2-5 "This lesson combines Music and Social Studies. Dec 8, 2019 - Explore First Grade Roars's board "Holidays Around the World", followed by 1623 people on Pinterest. Look for treats from the countries you are teaching or something similar to serve as a snack. There is a direct link at the bottom of the blog post for the teaching unit or you can find it here: Ideas for Teaching Holidays Around the World. Informational (nonfiction), 1,679 words, Level T (Grade 3), Lexile 910L . As the holidays draw near, it’s the perfect time to teach your students about how different cultures celebrate Christmas holidays around the world. A webquest is a fun way for students to conduct online research projects. The leveled passages are ideal for small groups and whole group close reading lessons. After this lesson, students will be able to: 1. describe various Christmas traditions from around the world 2. summarize the Christmas traditions of one region in detail Before I start our 12 Days until Christmas in the Classroom Countdown, I love to teach about Winter Holidays around the world. If you are planning a holidays unit soon click here to see the Holidays Around the World unit and teaching Power Point I use. to download the FREE Holidays Around the World flight script. They can make any design using the pre-cut (or ripped) squares. Discussion Strategies and Accountable Talk in the Class... 12 Days until Christmas in the Classroom Countdown, Holidays Around the World Lesson Plans for grades 1-3, Winter Holidays Around the World Lesson Plans, Winter Holidays Around the World for grades 1-3, Winter Holidays Around the World for grades 4-6. It’s a great way to get kids up and moving and it keeps everybody engaged and still learning the last week or two before break! Mexicans attend a midnight mass service which is called la Misa Del Gallo or "the rooster's mass," and at the mass they sing lullabies to Jesus. It’s a Canadian tradition often made at winter festivals where taffy is made on snow! Math. For each holiday, create a colorful holiday card on an index card, including the holiday name, date of the holiday, place of the tradition or holiday, and one cool holiday fact. Groups use a poster presentation rubric as a reference while they create their poster and plan their presentation. Little Debbie Swiss Rolls look just like traditional French Buche de Noel cake, and gingerbread cookies (Germany) are usually easily found during the holidays. It is a winter holiday picture sort that is a part of a unit on holidays and traditions. It is so much fun for kids to enter a room that has been transformed. 1st grade. Hi Melody, Yes, I use the one that is linked in the blog post above. Success! Students research one of the winter holidays in an “expert group,” take notes, answer text dependent questions, and create a group holiday poster to share their information with the class. As you plan your holidays around the world activities, buddy up with other teachers in your grade level  to team teach your unit. What happens if you take teachers who create and throw in a little Christmas spirit? 10 Holiday Classroom Traditions to Start This Year! Christmas around the world (, an archived site) Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind compliment! Afterward, I model how to jot down notes from the text and then my students jot down their own notes. Let students … Reading and writing opportunities abound for your class to compare customs, do research, read informational texts, and watch videos of unique traditions they have never before seen in faraway countries. Share an up close look at customs and traditions by showing videos of holiday traditions around the world. Get your teammates on board and have students rotate to one classroom each afternoon. Also, look for videos of the Singapore airport on You Tube. Describe national and religious holidays around the world 2. To learn even more information about Diwali we watch this short video from National Geographic. I realize there's still 10 days left in November, but with winter beating on my window, I can no longer cling to fall. Now includes digital and printable versions.This unit comes with resources for traveling to 16 Countries Mini-Books Packed with Information about Each Country! National Geographic Kids has several short, and beautifully done videos that feature holiday traditions in lots of different countries. *This has been completely redesigned and updated with new countries, fonts, graphics, as well as a DIGITAL component. Click on the links to see Christmas traditions in different countries, book recommendations for primary grades and each link has it’s own set of free printables!. They are a high level class so maybe this powerpoint can be used for other grades too. See more ideas about Holidays around the world, First grade … I model how to use my notes to help write three facts. Social studies. Christmas traditions around the world ( 2. Begin by welcoming your students to the airport! These are a great way to take meaningful, end of quarter grades in December, just in time for report cards. Give your students a window into the different gift-givers, holiday decorations, celebrations, and special foods that families around the world enjoy during the holidays. They carry a wide array of Swedish Christmas cookies and treats, straw Yule Goat ornaments, and even Tomten (the Swedish Santa gnome) trinkets and stuffed dolls. Of course, we changed the lesson structure up a bit for our older kiddos. Thanksgiving Word Search. Have you ever heard of maple taffy? In this post I’ll share lots of ideas, activities, and even some freebies to make teaching holidays around the world magical for both you and your students! Get Ready; Get Set; Let's Go Around The World For Christmas! Holidays Around the World. Twenty-five events are featured, including both religious and non-religious holidays and festivals. This includes 15 different picture cards that relate to the three main winter holidays, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. Christmas around the world ( 4. Students will listen to and learn Christmas songs from around the world and analyze." Worksheet.

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