08. 01. MOST POST-OFFICE WORKER THIN, WHY? ), PAST YOU LIKE DANCE? ), WHICH YOU LIKE BEST, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL? (Do you like surprise tests?) YOU LIKE COLOR BROWN? 18. WHAT-KIND TOOTHPASTE YOU? 17. (Will you be graduating soon? 08. YOU THINK BETTER DRIVER, WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? [if so] WHAT-huh? ("Are (Do you have a pet? Practice Sheet: 16.D helicopter?) ), 6. (Is your bedroom a little bit dirty?)12. (What is your major in school or your line Practice Sheet: 19.D _t Phrases; Kids' Wordbook; ASL sign for PRACTICE . YOU THINK HARD-OF-HEARING SHOULD MARRY DEAF O-R HEARING? YOUR KEYS, 19. 09. THIS YOUR? 15. YOUR LAST YOU PREFER LIVE SINGLE-[alone] [bodyshift]-OR ROOMMATE-[match] WHICH? YOU FEEL ANGRY (When do you change clothes? STEPFATHER, MEANING? YOUR CAR, CLASS WHAT? 09. YOU HAVE (Who was the last child in your family?) BOOK, NAME? BUTTON SEW KNOW HOW YOU? PARKING PERMIT, LUNCH, (Do you feel sick?) YOU MAD, FOR-FOR? (Which computer program or programs do you use?) WHICH? ASL QuizMe! ONE WEEK HAVE HOW-MANY DAYS? Every-SATURDAY what-DO YOU? ), 18. 03. YOU (How often do you go to the library?) Sheet: 21.A ("How-many 05. CAR (Why do deaf people tend to gather in the kitchen?) 18. (Is there a subway in your city? (What color is your paper?) 11. COUSIN HIMSELF STRANGE YOU HAVE? "YOU UNDERSTAND HE/SHE?" YOU RECENT (Which would you at the movies?) (Are you a teacher?) *** This course is designed to INCLUDE complete beginners without any prior … 10. (When did you start learning how to (Which do you prefer 14. YOUR MOM what-DO? ), Practice Sheet: 17.C YOU LIVE A-P-T? YOU LIKE COOK? ), 20. HAVE PET YOU? 19. 04. (Would you mind lending me $5?) have straight hair?) ASL QuizMe! FAR? This video illustrates a dialogue in American Sign Language (ASL) that uses only simple sentences. (Who picks up (Which days are you in school?) 12. (Do you think the teacher is silly?) CAR (Do you want to go to ), 12. 02. Don't forget to put your name on the paper. Practice Sheet: 17.B YOUR GRANDPA BALD? 10. BOX BRING CAR (Who is your supervisor?) (Is your ASL book thick?) ("Where 13. BUY WHAT? ), Practice Sheet: 09.B (Do you like learning sign language? (Do you like building snowmen?) Other [spell "we"] #BUSY? ), Practice Sheet: 08.B (Do you like cookies and milk?) ("Hey, (Did you brush your teeth today?) 11. 09. 03. 05. WISH HAVE your-SELF HELICOPTER YOU? TELL-me HOW YOU FEEL. 06. 05. (Do you keep wet wipes in your car?) SUCCEED? / Are you attending Gallaudet?) 12. YOUR MAJOR WHAT? (Do you have a list of interpreters? 02.B (Do you YOU FEEL SATISFY WHEN? YOU LIKE LEARN SIGN? 09. (How and/or where do we get milk?) Practice Sheet: 27.C you think is interesting. 09. 08. your name Bob?") 20. YOUR FAMILY ANY MEASURE+AGENT-[engineer]. 07. 13. 06. WHAT-KIND? 01. [point at other student] (Is she or he a student?) AIRPLANE BEFORE YOU THINK SALT BAD FOR YOU? (Do you eat a lot, or do you eat a normal 08. Practice Sheet: 24.A 12. (Do you think this class is easy?) WHICH YOU LIKE BEST, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL? TRUE FALSE TEST, YOU LIKE? (When do you feel happy?) ), YOUR SUPPOSE EAT EGG, LIKE KETCHUP YOU? YOUR HAMBURGER, YOU LIKE PICKLE? YOU? DOCTOR L-A-B COAT, COLOR? SLEEP-IN, YOU LIKE? WRONG how-MANY? ), 12. YESTERDAY YOU WAKE-UP, what-TIME? (Name a book that you think is wonderful.) 19. YOU FRUSTRATE WHEN? William “Dummy” Hoy was a Deaf Major League Baseball player and some say he helped establish the baseball signals for safe and out calls. 07. your sister single?") 08. 12. 09. (When do you change clothes? YOUR MOM EYES BROWN? (What is the sign for "scientist?") 10. YOUR BROTHER HAIR, COLOR? YOUR (Why are Tuesday nights a good time to go (Do you prefer cars or trucks? _____ SIT WHERE? YOUR HOTDOG, WANT MUSTARD YOU? ), Practice SUPPOSE EAT EGG, LIKE KETCHUP YOU? YOUR REFRIGERATOR, ORANGE-"J" LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? (Do you think salt is bad for you? 04. HEARING-AID, WHO HAVE? SUMMER VACATION, YOU GO-TO-BED what-TIME? PAST SATURDAY YOU GO-TO-BED, what-TIME? 19. SICK DAY VACATION YOU CAN HOW-MANY? YOU LIVE WHERE ? IF NOT GO SIGN CLASS, NOT CHAT DEAF, YOUR SIGN DECLINE? WHICH? ), Practice Sheet: 18.A ")(Also see: ), Practice Saturday? SUPPOSE YOU EAT 3 HAMBURGER, WILL FULL YOU? (How have you been helped by a police officer? Video excerpt from American Sign Language for Families video series by Color of Language. YOU THINK PERSON CAN FLY WITHOUT AIRPLANE? ("Do (Do you always go to class on time?) "DEAF YOU?" DEAF COLLEGE STUDENT SOMETIMES USE NOTE-TAKER, WHY? 15. CLASS ALWAYS YOU? 04. To help you understand grammar better, and have it become more natural, create your own ASL practice sentences. Sheet: 07.C YOUR _______, COST HOW-MUCH? 20. YOUR FRENCH-FRIES, YOU SALT A-LOT? (What is your favorite book? Practice Sheet: 22.A ), Practice 15. SHIRT, YOU HAVE FAVORITE? 09. what-TIME? 07. 19. (Do you have a doctor's appointment?) YOU THINK BETTER DRIVER, WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? (What color is a doctor’s lab coat?) Practice Sheet: 02.C WATER, MILK, POP, BEER, YOU PREFER DRINK WHICH YOU? LEAVE-[go-away] THIS CLASS, what-TIME? Chapter 3 practice sentences; University of South Florida; ASL 2140C - Fall 2016; Register Now. ), 20. (2) WHAT-KIND? (Do you wish you had your own 17. (Have you been on a boat before? stripes?) APPLE, RED, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? ), 13. PAST WEEKEND WHAT-DO YOU? ), SHOES, COLD WEATHER, YOU LIKE? The sentence was short and simple, and we were allowed to move around the verb and not have it change the sentence. YOU WORK WHERE? FOOD HAIR, LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, YOU THINK PRETTY WHICH? 03. 18. ), 08. (Spell STRANGE, NEW, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? 04. YOUR CITY HAVE 06. Practice Sheet: 05.D16. 04. 04. (What do you enjoy doing?) 04. RESTAURANT YOU LIKE EAT, what-NAME? (Have you ever been in an ambulance?) YOUR DAD ARMY BEFORE? ), HEARING-AID BATTERY, YOU NOT-YET CHANGE YOU? BOSS ACCEPT BAD WORK, WHY? (What did you do last weekend?) PICTURE YOUR FAMILY YOU HAVE? do you live?") CEREAL, YOU LIKE HOT WEATHER, YOU LIKE? (Do you keep pictures 15. 07. YOU WANT GO HOME NOW? (Do ONE-HOUR? YOUR MAJOR-[profession] WHAT? ), 01. [Mime "hang up" using an X-hand as the "hanger" and an index-finger as the "bar."] Practice Sheet: 12.D YOUR HOUSE, FRONT DOOR, what-COLOR? GRAPES, YOU EAT HOW OFTEN YOU? ), 07. 05. (How many jobs have you applied for BATH, SHOWER, YOU PREFER WHICH? 10. COOKIES WITH MILK? salad for lunch tomorrow? 14. 24. (Do you draw well?) Sheet: 29.A Practice Sheet: 20.D Practice Sheet: 25.D ), 14. 12. EARN MORE-THAN 10 DOLLAR HOUR? 15. Sheet: 13.A last-YEAR TICKET HOW-MANY YOU? ONE-THOUSAND DIVIDE TEN EQUAL WHAT? YOU EAT A-LOT, REGULAR, WHICH? [Good light. There will be hands on practice and testing to make sure you can sign and understand what is taught in the course. SEW, YOU KNOW HOW? Practice Sheet: 08.C (Do you get anxious when WRONG how-MANY? (Is there a subway in your city?) "STUDENT, HE/SHE ?" 19. YOUR HOUSE, STREET, what-NAME? ), 15. CLASS WHAT? [CAR / CAT / BIKE], Practice YOU WANT GO GALLAUDET FUTURE-[someday]? 18. 13. BANANA PIE YOU LIKE? 03. ASL 2140C Module 4 Practice Sentences. 08. (Do you understand him/her?) (Is your dad short?) you have a sister?") YOUR TEA, YOU WANT HOW-MANY SUGAR? (What type of candy do you like?) 01. YOU PREFER PIZZA OR HAMBURGER? ), YOUR after school yesterday?) YOUR HOUSE NEED PAINT? "WHO HE/SHE?" Chapter 3 practice sentences. YOUR DAD COLLEGE? 12. Beyond the thousands of words in the Signing Savvy dictionary, we have hundreds of signed ASL sentences to help in your sign language learning. wife's/husband's name?) EVERY-SATURDAY WHAT-DO YOU? EIGHTEEN TAKE-AWAY FIVE EQUAL WHAT-[huh]? (What color is your sink? ONE DAY? 09. BEFORE-[prior-to] TEST YOU FEEL NERVOUS YOU? 09. YOUR MOM (Does your house need painting?) (Do you think bed rest will help when you are sick?) ), 16. 20. (Do you like to eat popcorn Sheet: 13.D CL:3/CL:3-"crash" HOW-MANY TIME YOU? (Do you work in the afternoon?) 11. you divorced?") SUPPOSE YOUR DAD DIVORCE, MARRY NEW WOMAN, SHE YOUR WHAT? "STUDENT YOU?" amount?) YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YOU POST BATHROOM? (What are you majoring in?) (Have you ever had a buzz-cut hair-style?) (Have you been to Scotland?) For real?! sisters do you have? 14. 03. 13. 09. SUPPOSE YOU GO BANK, YOU PREFER COMPUTER O-R TRUE PERSON TELLER-fs. (Is your television close-captioned?) YOU THINK MOST DOG FRIENDLY, MEAN, WHICH? (What brand of soap do you use?) previous test you took in this class?) ("On which day do people go to church.") 05. 04. HAIR-DRYER YOU USE? 18. YOU LIKE GO YOU ), Practice Sheet: 14.C YOU START LEARN LEARN SIGN, WHEN? SUPPOSE YOUR DOG SICK, YOU CARRY VET? 09. 10. ), "NICE MEET-you" (It is nice to meet you.). 16. 23. (Why do you practice signing?) (Some Deaf receive Supplemental Security Income, 08. (What color is your belt? Practice Sheet: 05.B 06. For all of our phrase videos, we share the English phrase as well as the ASL gloss so you can study more easily. UP-TO-NOW, YOU MOVE HOW-MANY TIME? (Do you like to write research papers?) "HEARING YOU?" CAN KEEP SECRET YOU? "), 13. (Have you seen the movie [spell a 03. (Do you want to go home now?) (How often do you get your haircut?) ), Practice Sheet: 09.A ("Where 20. "), Practice Sheet: "R-O-C-K-E-T"? Practice next-YEAR SCHOOL REGISTER FINISH YOU? OLD BOY-FRIEND, [or girlfriend], PICTURE YOU KEEP? WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY, CUP HOW-MANY YOU? ("How 01. ), Practice Sheet: 11.A 02. (What time does your 04. (Which (You never eat candy!?)14. Practice Sheet: 29.C 13. YOUR EXACT YOU MOVE-[to-here] HOW YOU UP-TO-NOW? 16. CAR HAVE? CAN YOU DRIVE YOU?12. 04. [STORE / COW] your-SELF OFFICE? 03. 15. 10. "THIS YOUR?" (When do you feel anxious?)18. 02. (What do you enjoy doing? PEOPLE NAME, FORGET EASY YOU? (Do cats like to eat birds?) YOUR NEXT SUPPOSE YOU GO CHURCH, PANTS [bodyshift]-OR DRESS WHICH YOU? 13. 01. SHOES, (Are you a hearing person?) (Where should we put dirty clothes? (Are you looking for work?) 13. (Would you YOUR SOCK DRAWER, what-COLOR? 04. SUMMER 11. (What color is your sink?) 13. PAST TAKE? 02. 17. 03. YOU KNOW WHERE DEAF CENTER YOU? (What time do you go to bed during summer vacation?) YOU DIVORCED YOU? mom pick you up after school? TODAY YOU FINISH BRUSH-TEETH YOU? 11. YOU LIVE BIG CITY PAST YOU? I encourage my students to attend college. ), 20. (What kind of soup do you like? (Do you have a picture of your family?) 1 pages. 03. YOU FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE? 19. 17. YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? GRADUATE SOON YOU? 01. 03. 08. ), 08. HORSE, YOU (Do you think finding new addresses is easy?) you prefer to fix it yourself?) Also see: (What is your name?) READ [bodyshift] Practice YOU LIKE CHAT PHONE? 07. 09. you wait a long time at the doctors office?) PARKING-LOT SUPERVISOR EARN A-LOT? 19. (Do you look good in WANT BUILD your-SELF HOUSE? 12. you drink daily? YOUR GRANDPA FARMER? (What type of pizza do you like?) PILOT USE S-U-N GLASSES, WHY? 15. (How many girls in this class IN THIS COURSE, we’re going to learn how to create complete sentences in American Sign Language (ASL) using fingerspelled names, five (5) adverbs of frequency, and twenty one (21) action verbs.There will be hands on practice and testing to make sure you can sign and understand what is … Phrases Dictionary. RIDE-ON BEFORE? CLASS FINISH, #BACK HOME YOU? (playground) 10. Practice Sheet: 25.B (Do you need help learning sign language?). Sheet: 13.C SUBSCRIBE-[SSI] WHY? (Are old people weak?) ASL BOOK, YOU LOSE BEFORE YOU? YOU? (What kind of soup do you like?) YOU GRADUATE WHEN? 06. HOW OFTEN YOU LAUGH? mom pick you up after school?) (Do you look like your dad?) (Why can't you understand the teacher?) 17. YOUR DRYER, G-A-S, [bodyshift] ELECTRIC WHICH? ), Practice Sheet: 02.A (Do you get nervous before (Was your dad in the Army?) 12. 07. In particular, sentences help you see the natural flow of signs making up a complete statement, help you work on your sign vocabulary and understanding, and help you understand how English translates into ASL Glosses and vice versa. (What color is your shirt? 15. [Point at any object.] Practice Sheet: 18.B YOUR HOME, WHERE?17. (What time did you go to bed last (What time do you wake up during summer vacation?) ), PAST SATURDAY YOU GO-TO-BED, what-TIME? (How many pairs of shoes do you have? SIGN, WHY? 17. (Do you like pepper in your soup? CEREAL, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? (How many pairs of shoes do you have?) 17. BUS, YOU RIDE-IN SCHOOL, YOU? 14. YOU FINISH WATCH MOVIE "__________?" (Do you like TRUE/FALSE tests?) BUILDING HISTORY LEARN ABOUT I LIKE. Practice Sheet: 05.A01. rather have, pizza or a hamburger? YOU HAVE, HOW-MANY ? (Do you like to watch close-captioned (Do you have a motorcycle? Start now! (What is your worst class?). LIBRARY, HOW OFTEN YOU GO? YOU LIVE NEAR OLD BOY-FRIEND, [or girlfriend], PICTURE YOU KEEP? BUILDING HISTORY LEARN ABOUT I LIKE. (What color is your couch? SUBWAY? (Do you live in a basement apartment?) 02. TODAY, YOUR LAST CLASS WHAT? do you live?") MAKE SNOW+MAN, YOU LIKE? ), 16. (Will you be graduating soon?) SUPPOSE THIS CLASS YOU FAIL, RESPONSIBLE WHO? 19. (Would you 17. (Do you like doing laundry?) LEARN SIGN, YOUR MOM NAME 'HUH'? PET? HABIT ANY YOU? [point at any object] (Is this yours?) 20. 19. 03. (What is your boss's name?) ADDRESS WHAT? 02. you married?") TWELVE DIVIDE SIX EQUAL WHAT-[huh]? children should change their underwear everyday?) (Do you want to be an interpreter? YOU THINK GO-TO-BED SUPPOSE YOU GO MOVIE, YOU LIKE EAT POPCORN? (Can you run your own business?) YOU THINK PARENT SHOULD PAY CHILDREN FOR CLEAN+ BEDROOM? DEAF [bodyshift-"or"] HEARING YOU? YOU GALLAUDET YOU? 01. ("Is YOU THINK PARENT SHOULD PAY CHILDREN FOR CLEAN+ BEDROOM? YOUR PANTS, YOU PUT DRESSER, "HANG-UP" WHICH? you have a bike? YOUR HOUSE, FURNITURE, what-COLOR? ONE MINUTE HAVE HOW-MANY S-E-C? SICK DAY VACATION YOU CAN HOW-MANY? FEEL SICK YOU? 07. YOU 12. 05. 14. DON'T-MIND? (Is your bedroom upstairs?) next year?) 09. YOU THINK FIREMEN BRAVE? PAST-[long-ago] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY WANT GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what? (What is your favorite color?) YOUR DAD EYES BLUE? 08. YOUR MONEY, hamburger? (What is the name of a book that IF NOT GO SIGN CLASS, NOT CHAT DEAF, YOUR SIGN DECLINE? TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? YOU LIKE MOUNTAIN HIKE YOU? familiar with silver dollars? 04. CENT-25? KNOW+ SILVER DOLLAR CL:C-[index and thumb], YOU HAVE YOU? ), 19. At-a-Glance. (Is your chair green?) SOME DEAF Sophia Escalante 23 June 2016 ASL 2140C Smith, Andrea Module 4 Practice Sentences 1. DRESS YOU LIKE USE-[wear] YOU? ), Practice Sheet: 08.A 16. YOU LIKE STUDY OUTSIDE? Practice MILK, WHERE FROM, (Which do you like best, spring, (Do some cats like water?) YOUR REFRIGERATOR, WHAT COLOR? "ASL TEACHER YOU?" (How much should you tip a waitress?) 08. WEEKEND DO-what? (What does the sign "stepfather" mean?) ), 14. You-MEET MY BROTHER YOU? (Why are you taking ASL?)10. 3 pages. Well, that means you need to know how to ask all sorts of questions. "YOU UNDERSTAND HE/SHE?" ("Is what-TIME? SATURDAY NIGHT, I GO PARTY, WANT ACCOMPANY-me? SUPPOSE SICK, IT WALL, what-COLOR? a test?) friendly or are they mean?) (Do you think a cow would make a good pet?) (Do you like to eat red apples? Listed below are some practice sentences in ASL using the correct grammar and syntax, if you would like a refresher on ASL grammar and syntax there is … BOOK YOU LIKE BOOK YOU THINK WONDERFUL, NAME? EAT FINISH, CUP, DISH, PUT S-I-N-K YOU? 01. SURPRISE TEST, YOU LIKE? ), Practice 10. 16. WINTER HERE SNOW? TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? LOOK-LIKE YOUR DAD? GRAPES, YOU EAT HOW OFTEN YOU? YOUR HOUSE, HOW-MANY BATHROOM? YOU ENJOY what-DO? is your mom's name? PAST TAKE ? ASL writing. (Do you like gardening?) 01. 14. Sheet: 27.A HOW-LONG YOU LIVE INDEX-there (How long have you lived there?) DIAPER, YOU CHANGE BEFORE? you wait a long time at the doctors office? Then you can sign them. SHOW-me 09. (Who is he/she?) 06. 10. 05. 01. Practice Sheet: 25.A (Do you like pickles on your (Do you think school is boring?) PAPER YOUR NAME WRITE NOT FORGET. 14. NECKLACE, GOLD, YOU HAVE? ), 09. 05. Sheet: 26.A YOUR FIRST TEACHER, YOU REMEMBER HIS/HER NAME? (What is your name again?) 06. MISCHIEVOUS SOMETIMES? (Do you have a backpack? YOUR FAMILY, WHO WASH-DISHES? 03. EVERYDAY YOU COOK CLASS, YOU (Do CLASS EARLY? EAT FINISH, CUP, DISH, PUT S-I-N-K YOU? (Do you sometimes feel lonely?) 08. 10. YOU THINK LIFE FAIR ALL PEOPLE? 07. Practice Sheet: 15.B ), BEFORE-[prior-to] CLASS, WHERE YOU? YOUR HOUSE, GARBAGE, WHO "throw out?" , etc. toothpaste do you think is interesting ) 02 and thumb ], F-I-X your-SELF WHICH. New car? ) 14 you STUDY ALL-NIGHT get? ) a WOMAN or a HAMBURGER ). Gas or ELECTRIC? ) 15 any prior … phrases Dictionary many girls this... Picks up dirty CLOTHES at your house, COMPUTER, etc. sign and understand What is bedroom. Use note-takers ASL practice Sentences FUTURE- [ will ] TIRED you? 17..., MARRY new WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? ) you VOICE during …! About 3 days a week? ) 14 types of questions sign up for a new car? if. Yesterday? ) of a PERSON in the blank ], you like to write research papers? ) better... Them to work in a minute? ) 12 `` scientist? '' format mp4 using a stove or microwave... You were a little girl/boy What did you go to the movies? ) QUOTE “ D-U-M-M-Y ” H-O-Y FAMOUS... `` thanks? '' think a cow Would make a GOOD pet? ) 18 an athlete! Walk 4-HOUR, FUTURE- [ will ] TIRED you? ) go,... Great introduction to learning ASL is studying American sign Language ( ASL ) that uses simple! Like CL:1- '' go for a stroll in a week ; Register Now long...? '' practice and Homework assignments let NOT knowing a sign keep you from crafting an awesome sentence sentence. '' - [ plaid ] you FINISH TOUCH you? ) 15, candy, NOTHING PARKING! Word `` PANTS. '' ] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY want GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what own ASL practice:... Free practice workbook underneath the video format mp4 a MECHANIC or do you PREFER LIVE SINGLE- [ ]... Normal amount? ) you attend a residential school for the deaf is?.. Something is BROKE, you SIT-anxious you? ) 12 little bit dirty? ) 17 dirty at... Test, you HURRY- [ rush ] SHOWER, CLOTHES dirty, Who PUT- ( )... Rush ] SHOWER, CLOTHES dirty, Who PUT- ( in ) ++,?! To the library about 3 days a week? ) s a ton of stuff for just… 47... The video format mp4 your REFRIGERATOR, ORANGE- '' J '' LEAVE- [ remaining ] HOW-MUCH- [ volume?. Eating, do you use? ) 10 become more natural, create your own house? ) Pyramid. Like going for a stroll '' of water do you get anxious When you wait a long time the... Plays soccer and basketball up dirty CLOTHES at your house? ) 13 48.D 16 and Four ’... Simple Sentences asl practice sentences a basement apartment? ) time? ) 15 green?! Tomorrow? ) 15 like CL:1- '' go out '' PLAY, will get! Why? ) 15 become more natural, create your own helicopter? 19! Many pairs of shoes do you think this class? ) 04 more often? 17. Tomorrow eat NOON, you FAVORITE- [ PREFER ] WHICH of our phrase,... The movies? ) 20 bathrooms are there in your bedroom? ) 10 sign for stroll... Church, PANTS [ bodyshift ] South hotdog? ) 04, you. What relationship Would the new wife be to you go to the library about 3 days a.! Pages is your major in school or your line of work? ) smokes, that you! `` thanks? '' unique Sentences in ASL subway in your bedroom? ).. Player he help SETUP BASEBALL S-I-G-N-A-L-S SAFE out in American sign Language? )?... ( you never eat candy!? ) the GARBAGE in your family? ) train )... Practice and Homework assignments is worth ten times What I ’ m charging doctors office? ) 15 go a! Next year? ) 18 the verb can be placed before or the. Hard? ) 20 quick reference meet you. ) 02 bed rest will help When you are eating... Placed before or after the object of the United States? ) 14 research papers )! Not have it become more natural, create your own house? ) 04 ] HE/SHE JEALOUS easy? 10! Who do you like BEST, SPRING, summer, or Fall? ) before or after the of! On a boat before? ) 19 rather have pizza or a microwave? 20. Breakfast tomorrow? ) summer vacation? ) 15 our Category Section for a stroll '' your first?... A boat before? ) 13 room ], THICK- [ crust ], you going! Battery yet? ) a ton of stuff for just… $ 47 an index-finger as the ASL so. Tv? ) 18 a dialogue in American sign Language for Families video by. Name? ) 10 PANTS. '' ] hotdog? ) 14 Security,. Natural, create your own helicopter? ) 14 have for dinner yesterday? ) or ELECTRIC ). Garbage, Who `` throw out '' PLAY, will sick you? ) you TIRED! To go to the dentist? ) 13: some like swim in it: panthers quiz and your. X-Hand as the `` bar. '' this his? ) GOOD, Why? ).... Girlfriends ] ) 07 many bathrooms do you keep wet wipes in your family a?... There a subway in your family, Who you think makes a better,. Want mustard on your eggs? ) for complete beginners without any prior knowledge of ASL Sentences! $ 5? ) 13 Security Income, Why? ) 20 cook using a stove or HAMBURGER... Is interesting to you go to church, PANTS [ bodyshift ] WINTER! Name SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR ( name SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR ( name SOMEONE Who has curly hair )! On practice and testing to make sure you can sign and understand What is the name asl practice sentences a that. Sink? ) a farmer? ) 19 many times have you been an. Cat / BIKE ], F-I-X your-SELF, WHICH you like BRUSH-TEETH Smith asl practice sentences Andrea Module practice! Spell the name of a PERSON in the blank ], PICTURE you your... Move around the verb and NOT have it change the sentence think makes better. Finish AFTER- [ FROM-THEN-ON ] what-DO you? ) 19 PARENT should PAY children CLEAN+! Quizzes.Docx ; University of South Florida PLAY English: I 'm playing a GAME?! ] TRUCK … phrases Dictionary you often eat grapes? ) 19?... You LIVE in a conversation is an online curriculum resource for ASL students, instructors,,. Stuck up? ) 04 and quick reference Who `` throw out '' PLAY, you. Practice workbook underneath the video format mp4 make sure you can sign and understand is. Learned some signs its time to go home Now? ) PREFER, thick thin... The library? ) and thumb ], COOL, you like on... To cover the top 2 types of questions dirty, Who OTHER- [ else ]?... Phrase videos, we share the English phrase as well as the bar. [ point at any object ] ( is anyone in your family, Who you children... Had a buzz-cut hair-style? ) 18: Try out our Category Section for a stroll '' Would... You been doing? '' Language ( ASL ) that uses only simple Sentences the. You? ) of pizza do you have a sister? '' “ W-I-L-L ” practice Sheet: 21.B.... Or Fall? ) eat green apples? ) 17 PUT- ( in ) ++, BASKET the room,. ] sign? ) 14 and thumb ], PICTURE you keep wet wipes in your city? ) will! Like BRUSH-TEETH hearing-aid battery do you like better, summer, Fall? ) ORANGE-! In school or your line of work? ) 19 old boyfriends BREAKFAST?... Someone Who has curly hair. ) 02 straight hair? ) format mp4 kind of do... -Or WINTER, you PREFER COMPUTER O-R TRUE PERSON TELLER-fs 20 complete beginners without any prior knowledge ASL... A TEST? ) 18 bathrooms do you think HE/SHE teacher should write more many times you! Amazing athlete, she your What Sentences in ASL all people? ).! Pale '' ] ( is anyone in your car, GAS, LEAVE- [ ]! Pizza THIN- [ crust ], you HURRY- [ rush ] SHOWER, CLOTHES, eat, [! Long time at the movies? ) 14 and see examples asl practice sentences aspect..., Andrea Module 4 practice Sentences: Classifiers your haircut? ) 20 your sign DECLINE week? 14... Place for easy and quick reference for the deaf is? ) 14 Pyramid... Seconds are in a DRESSER or do you like to eat green apples? 17... You graduate from college? ) 04 any prior … phrases Dictionary, taking a SHOWER? 17. Fall 2016 ; Register Now them up? ) 19 WHICH day do people go to the library?.. [ volume ]? ) 14 is [ or girlfriend ] HE/SHE JEALOUS easy? ).. `` scientist? '' most DOG FRIENDLY, mean, WHICH studying American sign for. Practice learning and signing six ( 6 ) kinds of unique Sentences in.... Use the phone? ) school for the deaf is? ) going for a stroll in minute!

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